HSRP : High security Registration plate also know as number plates

The switch to high security number plates was first announced in 2012 by the Supreme Court. However, the actual execution of the order has taken a while and while Delhi is one of the first Union Territories to impose the rule.

Recently the court ordered that all vehicles including those older then 2012 should get the HSRP. If you have been stopped by traffic police in Gurgaon and now want to know how to change your number plates to HSRP easily then this post will help you.

Link Utsav Registration Plates Pvt. Ltd. has been authorised by the Haryana State Transport Department for the implementation of the High Security Registration Number Plates (HSRP) in the State of Haryana.

The Government of India had amended rule 50 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, mandating introduction of new tamper proof “High Security Registration Number Plates” for affixing on Vehicles.

If you are getting your HSRP made from somewhere such as local road side dealers then it is not recommended as it could cause trouble with traffic police and you may risk challan  and severe penalties

There are 2 locations in Gurgaon where you could get them made. You generally get them in 7 to 14 days time . Post registration  you can carry along the slip with you and show it to traffic police if your are stopped so as you are not challaned

This is the primary location where everyone visits and you will get a huge queue. One is for registration and the other one is for collection. Please carry water bottle with you as it is really hot and you may have to wait for some time


The other location which is not so popular not now and you will not dace any queue is as follows

Shop no.
19 HUDA MARKET sector 29, opposite Kingdom of dreams

This is exactly opposite KoD so finding it is not difficult and ther eis planet pf parking space

The fitment is also done by the same guys and you do not need to pay anything extra at all.  Please bring your vehicle for fitment as they bolt it to prevent tampering They would ask for a TIP though and it is your individual choice to pay or not to pay

FEES & Requirements for HSRP in Gurgaon

  • Carry a photocopy of RC
  • Carry and ID proof as sometimes they ask.
  • INR 701 is the fees for private cars.
  • They will give 2 separate receipts where one will be of number plate and other will be of delivery charge of Rs 295.
  • The  original receipt of Rs 406 will need to be returned while collecting number plate
  • They are open Monday to Saturday. Generally OPEN by 10:30 AM.

Here is the location

Here is the Pic to help you identify the shop for HSRP in Gurgaon