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I recently ran into a problem with my Laptop where the audio jack had stopped working. You know the tiny little hole where you plug into your headphone. Now this leads to a lot of inconvenience as you may be aware since you cannot hear your videos or songs in private and will have to you use the speakers. Well, I did not want to spend any money at all so that kept me thinking surely there must be a way to use my Android phone as speaker for my laptop over Wi-Fi /USB as I would not be the first person to face same problem.

Now I did not wanted to buy either of these

• A Bluetooth wireless headset
• An audio to USB converter

My eyes went to my plugged in mobile which was charging form my laptop and that led to me thinking as when we can mirror our Android device to our PC /laptop

So here is the simplest solution I found to turn my android phone as speaker for my laptop

Method 1 : Using Wi-fi to connect Android phone as speaker for your computer (Note: Android phone should be on the same Wi-Fi network as of your PC/Laptop)

Step 1: Install SoundWire(free) app from the Play Store.

Android phone as speaker

Step 2: Now install SoundWire server from GeorgieLAbs (official website). (Not available for Macbooks)

Android phone as speaker

Step 3: Open SoundWire app on your phone and click on the logo.
Step 4: Open SoundWire on your computer. Check the status on SoundWire server. If its connected then you can now use Android phone as speaker for your Computer.

Method 2 : Using USB to connect Android phone as speaker for your Computer

Step 1: Connect your Android phone with PC via USB cable.
Step 2: In your handset setting Go to Tethering and Portable hotspot (most probably under wireless and networks.
Step 3: Turn on USB tethering and turn on data (4g /LTE)
Step 4: Open SoundWire server on your computer and note the Server address
Step 5: Enter the same server address on the SoundWire Android app and click on wired icon in the App and you should be connected

Important: The Music will also play on your PC speakers simultaneously so you may want to mute Sound on your computer

Other features of the sound wire app
Record to File : You can record and save any audio that is playing on your computer in mp3 format.
Audio Output : Instead of using handset volume Up/Down button. Use the ‘Audio Output’ option on your computer to control volume
• The pro version also comes with no limit in audio compression. If you like it then please do contribute to Georgie Labs

All credits to GeorgieLabs

To support the developer please get the full version. Send your comments and bug reports to [email protected]


Do let me know if you use ‘Android phone as speaker’ using SoundWire

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