AWS Services

AWS Services

Amazon web services commonly referred as AWS is the worldwide leader in cloud computing offering platform as a service as well as infrastructure as a service. This  blog is just a quick list with direct hpyerlink to 100+  AWS services in various categories

It is important to know that AWS presence is spread out geographic location knows as Regions having one or more availability zones that is the physical data centre in each of the regions. As on date AWS has 18 geographic regions with 55 AZ’s and 4 more regions under set up. This is important as all services and products are not available across a;; regions so while doing your setup it is important to selec the region as per your needs AWS services

AWS has currently more then 100+ services combined across various categories for you to easily understand as per your requirement such as compute/ storage/ database / developer tools/ media services/customer engagement /I OT and many more. In next few slides i have listed down each service as on date available under each category

so lets have a look at the list quickly of AWS services

  • In Compute, AWS offers 13  Services
  • In Storage, AWS offers 8 services
  • In Mobile Services, AWS offers 8 services
  • In Cost Management,  AWS offers 4 services
  • In Application integration AWS offer 5 services
  • In IoT, AWS offers 6 services
  • In Machine learning, AWS offers 12 services
  • In Analytics, AWS offers 9 services
  • In Management services , AWS offers 13 services
  • In Media Services, AWS offers  7 services
  • In Database,  AWS offers 7 services
  • For Migration, AWS offers 7 services
  • For Developer services, AWS offers  8 services

Here is the complete list of AWS services





Networking & Content Delivery

Developer Tools

Management Tools

Media Services

Machine Learning


Security, Identity & Compliance

Mobile Services


Application Integration

Customer Engagement

Business Productivity

Desktop & App Streaming

Internet of Things

Game Development


AWS Cost Management

I will be writing more About AWS  services in detail and Agile software development so do keep checking out my blog

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