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Mirror -Real Beauty : A short Story


Once upon a time, a traveller was tired from the journey and was looking for a suitable spot to stop and rest for some time.

All of a sudden, his eyes caught on an ashram . It was the ashram of the great philosopher and saint, Socrates. The traveller started thinking, “it would be so good if I got an opportunity to stay here for a few days. I will be able to listen to the insightful talks and discourses also.”

So, he went to Socrates with this thought. Socrates immediately agreed and arranged for his stay, giving him a room exactly opposite his own room.

One day, when the traveller came out of his room, he saw Socrates looking into the mirror in the opposite room. He didn’t pay much heed though, and proceeded without any reaction. But when he saw the same thing happening again, for the second and the third time, he could not control and started thinking – “Socrates is so ugly, why does he look in the mirror for so long, every day?”

The storm of this thought began to take a toll on him. At last, he couldn’t stop himself and went straight to Socrates’ room and asked – “please don’t mind, but I would like to ask a question. Why do you stand in front of the mirror for so long every day, even though you are so…”

Socrates understood his question and continued, “Yes, I am ugly, not good-looking, but I look in the mirror every day so that I can remain aware of my ugliness.”

Traveller – “Why do you want to remain aware of your ugliness? Doesn’t it create a sense of inferiority in you?”

Socrates – “No! Because I don’t think negatively. My ugliness makes me aware.”

Traveller – “Aware? How so!?”

Socrates – ” It makes me aware, that I should compensate for my ugliness with noble and good deeds.

Elevated thoughts and good deeds enhance the inner beauty of a man. If inner beauty has awakened, then the physical ugliness does not bother.”

The traveller was overwhelmed on hearing the thoughts of Saint Socrates, and bowed down at his feet. As he got up and started going out of the room, the voice of Saint Socrates stopped him – “Listen son, you should also look in the mirror.”

The traveller said in a low voice – “Yes”.

Socrates – “Would you like to know why? Because you are very beautiful, very good looking. The mirror will teach you too!

It will remind you to perform beautiful deeds, just as beautiful you are in appearance.”

Be the master of beauty, both outside and within. Beauty on the outside is meaningless and incomplete without inner beauty!

It’s true, if we wish, we can motivate ourselves with positive thoughts and feelings amid every adversity in life. That’s the real secret of revealing our inner beauty.