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Port from Aircel

Mobile Number Portability, which means that mobile phone users will let users change their telecom operator. Now with the current crisis at Aircel, We all are desperate to use Mobile number portability (MNP) so that we all can Port from Aircel

There are 3 ways to get UPC code to Port from Aircel

1) Use the following URL

This URL has been created by Aircel Team to enable users to get UPC code port form Aircel via Internet. you will get the following screen

port from aircel


2) Generate an eight-digit Unique Porting Code (UPC) using SMS

Send “PORT” <10-digit mobile number> to 1900. This will generate an eight-digit alphanumeric UPC code to help facilitate the porting process. You will soon get an SMS from XX-AIRCEL that will contain the UPC code and a UPC expiry date in mm/dd/yyyy format which is generally 15 days from the date of generation,
Since the systems are overloaded with request, it can easily take upto 3-7 days before you get the UPC code from MNP from Aircel

3) Generate an eight-digit Unique Porting Code (UPC) using IVR

You need to call the following form any non-Aircel number
  • CH : 9841012345
  • TN : 9842012345
  • KA : 9738012345
  • KL : 9809012345
  • AP : 9700012345
  • AS: 9854012345
  • KO : 9804012345
  • WB : 9851012345
  • NE :  9856012345
  • MU : 9768012345
  • RJ :  9782012345
  • DL : 9716012345
  • PB : 9803012345
  • JK : 9858012345
  • UE : 9807012345
  • OR : 9853012345
  • BH : 9852012345

*Step -1*
Select – language

*Step -2*
Select Aircel

*Step – 3*
Enter <10 digit Num>

*Step -4*
Enter last <5 digit sim Num> This you will get from your sim card physically

Pls Note your UPC code to port from Aircel

I hope the above information is helpful.
Please do let me know if it help or not

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sir i want to help you that i have lost my aircel 8574261270 sim but i want this no again so please guide me how to port this aircel no to other network without upc code and sim no


Please try following

Download the app on that device in which you had your Aircel SIM.

Now open this app (remember in which slot you had put your SIM i.e SIM1 or SIM2 in case of dual SIM phone).
Corresponding to your SIM slots name, you will find SIM number written there.
Note the last 5 digit of your SIM number on a paper which you will require at the time of UPC generation.

This may help. If it does not. Please visit store of Airtel Vodafone where you want to port and tell them you do not have UPC. They may be able to help

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